it's level up season and you're right on time.

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i'm so thankful for all the past versions 

of myself who never gave up,

even when they really really wanted to.

My 5+ years in the wedding industry came with a lot of lessons learned. We both know even though we make some serious magic, it's hard work!

I became so passionate about helping other small business owners that I launched this service for you! The mom who is struggling to find balance with her family and her floral business. The newbie in her first year who is wondering when the money comes. And especially for the gal who is on the verge of quitting because she's burned out and it doesn't seem like it will get any easier any time soon.

I'm telling you, I'VE BEEN THERE!!! It's tough, it's scary, and I want to help! Let's work together to turn your company into a profitable, sustainable business that you LOVE!!

hey lovely, i'm megan

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I recently joined Toastmasters and I have been loving working on my public speaking skills!



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hold my hand, jess glynne

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Hufflepuff, without a doubt. I'm a big softy.

what do you do when you're not working?

who are your favorite celebrity women?


I absolutely adore Lizzo, Kate McKinnon, Amy Sedaris, and Aidy Bryant.

Oh man, I want to learn how to sew so badly! Sewing, making authentic Mexican food, and learning sign language! (All things I hope to accomplish in the future!)

An absolute, all-time dream of mine would be able to build a cottage in a nice little spot surrounded by trees and just fill it with cozy decor and rescue pups. I would absolutely love to have an adorable tiny home to cuddle up and enjoy my life!

any skills you wish you had?

when are you happiest?

what's a big goal of yours?

I am happiest when I am helping others! I get so much satisfaction from being able to show up & provide value to other creatives and entrepreneurs. Being service-obsessed makes me feel fantastic and gets others closer to their goals and desires! It's a win-win!




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